Chapter 5

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Information Technology Management
ITM 102
Ross Mc Naughton

Chapter 5 ECommerceBusiness processesenabling techhuman resources integrated into a unique electronicdigital value chain enable organization to execute business strategy Build to order allows manufacturers to directly solicit orders from customers and deliver products directly rather than relying on global network of wholesalers and distributorsdealers as a way of bringing products to markets Ebusiness broader use of Internet tech to reduce operating costs ex extending electronic supply chain to partnerssuppliersEcommerce use of IS tech computer networks by individualsorganizations to carry out transactions that involve buyingselling goodsservices through the Internet in order to createsupport creation of business value no need for physical business presence TransactionDescriptionExample WebsitesBusinesstocustomer Online equivalent to retail Chapters Barnesandnoble B2Cstore other servicesTelusBusinesstobusiness B2BElectronic exchanges Globalsources worldwide between companiesretail exchangeBusinesstogovernment Online sales to government Doingbusiness provide B2Gagencies electronic tax goodsservices to Ontario paymentgovernmentConsumertogovernment Electronic tax payment Netfile electronically C2Gpurchase of various licences filepay taxes Consumertoconsumer Online auctions similar Ebay Craigslist KijijiC2Csites Physical Product shipment of item from central distribution point to buyer endconsumer wholesaler another company requires offline supply chain to handle sales order processing delivery Digital Product consumers receive item directly over the Internet or other computer network iTunes completely ITenabled supply chain Backoffice elements handle order fulfillmentWebintegration tech interfaces between Web and enterprises existing computerized business systems Returns handled by any company that accepts orders and ships goods to customers reverse of traditional business modelOffloaded deleteddisabled once downloaded electronic items have immediate value and cant be offloaded inability to return something once it is downloaded
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