Chapter 6

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Information Technology Management
ITM 102
Ross Mc Naughton

Chapter 6Task CostComplexity increase as you move up the pyramid Computers data information Humans knowledge wisdomData raw unorganized facts s picturesInformation data that have been organized and are useful to the person Knowledge when a person combines experience and judgement with infoWisdom adds insight and ethics to the experience and professional judgement inherent in knowledge allows leaders to perceive underlying meaningnuances of a business situationensures knowledge from all relevant perspective disciplines and sources is considered in final decision IT helps collect collate analyze datainfo Lifelong knowledge creation Explicit knowledge readily codified textbook knowledge about websiteTacit knowledge gained through experience insight discovery lessons learnedKnowledge Work Activitiesinvolves discovery analysis transformation synthesis communication of data info knowledge recommending investment portfolio to clientsDiscovery finding of datainfoknowledge relevant to a task problem issue opportunity contextIT Internet intranetAnalysis investigating examining datainfoknowledge breaking down the whole into more discrete parts to better understand how it works What is happening and whyProcess Mapping analyzing business processQuality Assurance analyzing product quality Performance Testing assessing fitness standardsIT Data Warehouses and Data MiningTransformation use results of analysis to deepen understanding of data and info organizing discovery results IT spreadsheets database software for organizingstoring infoSynthesis interpret trendspatterns that seem to explain past present sum of the parts which parts when combined will create higher value than the value of parts themselves IT summarizes info but only people can put info into proper context Communication sharing analysisideassolutions with othersIT organizedisseminate info through virtual team with Inspiration Viso Groove GotoMeetingemail instant messaging PowerPointExamples of Knowledge Work Activities Knowledge Work Activity Managers RequestIT Tools Activities DiscoveryFind a companys Use data from check competitors weekly salesoutpointofsale POS dataterminals search tools Google Web searching AnalysisCompare sales data for the Import data into database use st1 week of May to similar spreadsheet use featurestools
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