Chapter 2

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Information Technology Management
ITM 102
Muhammad Shahbaz

thThursday June 30 2011 Chapter 2 Technology Essentials Information Technology IT helps to obtain organize analyze and store data and information IT can provide entertainment IT can help do business IT can help make decisions IT can help do things with more efficiency and with approximately zero error depending on design ExampleGrocery store uses IT to allow you to purchase items quicklyA bank relies on IT to provide you with ATM accessYou carry IT with youCell phonesPDAMP3 playerComponents of IT All IT devices are limited to the following capabilitiesAccepting and storing data and informationPerforming mathematical calculationsApplying logic to make decisionsRetrieving displaying and sending informationConsistently repeating the above actions many times IT devices combine these capabilities in a number of ways to help you work with the information more efficiently and effectivelyInformation Technology Categories Hardware The electronic and mechanical components you can see and touch Software The set of instructions that direct the hardware Network technology Increases the power of IT by allowing the sharing of resources including hardware software and informationHardware Categories Processing Directs execution of instructions and the transformation of datatransistors electronic switches 0 or 1microprocessors are made up of transistorsmicroprocessors combine to make a CPUclock speed is measured in MHz GHzMemory Temporarily stores data and instructions before and after processing Input Provides the interface used for data entry into a device Output Provides the interface to retrieve information from a device Storage Stores data information and instructions for the long term Communications Connects one IT device to another
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