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Information Technology Management
ITM 102
Vikraman Baskaran

ITM CH 3 Information Systems Organizations and Strategy Organizations and Information SystemsInformation Systems are developed by managers to serve the interests of the business firmInteraction between info tech and org is complex and is influenced by mediating factors such as the org structure business processes politics culture surrounding env and mgmt decisionsAn organization is a stable formal social structure that takes resources from the env and processes them to produce outputsAn org is more stable then an informal group in terms of longevity and routinenessAre formal legal entities with internal rules and procedures that must abide by laws are also social structuresOrganization can also be a collection of rights privileges obligations and responsibilities that is delicately balanced over a period of time through conflict and conflict revolutionFeatures of OrganizationsThey are bureaucracies with clear cut divisions of labour and specializationBusiness processes organizational culture organizational policies surrounding environments structure goals constituencies and leadership stylesAll these features affect the kinds of info systems used by org Routines and business processes Routines sometimes called standard operating procedures are precise rules procedures and practices that have been developed to cope with virtually all situations Business processes are collections of such routinesOrganizational Politicspeople work in different positions have different viewpoints about how resources rewards punishments should be distributed they result in political struggleOrganizational Culture is a powerful unifying force that restrains political conflicts and promotes common understanding agreement and common practicesOrganizational Environmentshave a reciprocal relationship
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