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Chapter 10

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Information Technology Management
ITM 102

Chapter 10 Information Resource ManagementProject ManagementOpening Case Cargo Portal Services Brings Competitors Togetherby allowing customers to book onlinebe billed online companies have offered smaller shipping customers greatly improved service while lowering their owntheir customers costs UPS Federal ExpressCargo Portal Services owned by Unisys computer manufactureconsulting firm also uses the webthe internet electronic bookingshipment management service for the air cargo industry provide neutral multicarrier booking facilities with agreed ratesparts active shipment event managementtracking inline w industry best practicecomputer systemtosystem communications for better integration between forwarderscarriers air cargo has struggled to enter the internet age web based solutions for booking spacemanaging shipments have either failed due to unrealistic visions or have been slowed down by complex IT integration issues major problem is the wide range of different legacy systems in use by airlinestheir freight forwarder customers used XML interfacesa modular approach to deliver a system that was so flexibleeasy to use that it quickly gained market acceptancebig challenge was to devise a system that could work not just with a wide range of legacy IT systems but also with the different procedures among airlines also important to create a solution that would be acceptable not just to the forwarder customers but also other carriers ensuring they can deliver genuine business benefits high rate of failure because organizations have incorrectly accessed their business value or because firms have failed to manage the organizational change surrounding the intro of new technology 10 1 Information Resource Managementprocess of managing IS including hardware software datadatabases telecommunications peoplethe facilities that house these IS componentsas an asset or resource that is critical to the organizations managers who underst the components of IRM can accurately evaluate the level of service their department is provided by the IS department The Information Systems DepartmentDutiesFunctions omanage computer operationsomanage systems developmentsystems development projectsomanage IS personnelobudget for the departmentothers in the organization who use computersoplan for strategic tacticaloperational level systemsfor the IS departments operationsojustify financial investment in ISIS departments have managers at all levelsfrequently division of dutiesreporting responsibilities typical IS department will have divided its duties into several divisions such as systems development telecommunications ecommerceweb database management user relationssupportoperations Each of these divisions may have subdivisions such as systems development might have 2 subdivisions as new developmentmaintenance each division would have a manager to whom those IS staff members assigned to that division would report division managers would report to the IS department manager IS department manager may or may not be the CIO CTO CKO strategic level manager for IS member of senior management responsible for strategic level IS planningfor ensuring that all IS plans systemsoperations support the organizations overall strategy organization may also make use of the MIS steering committee sets policypriorities for the IS department including approving budgets for major projectshearing progress reports on those major projects usually composed of the CIOother members of senior management CEO is also a member of the MIS steering committee responsibility of the CIO to represent the IS department on the MIS SCto communicate effectively with the committees membership selling themother top managers on the IS departments plansprojects Managing Planning StrategyExternal Relationsshould conduct periodic planning at all levels strategic IS plans describe from a broad perspective the major strategic information systems that support or will support the organizations strategy long range plans that have a huge impact on the organizationon the IS department tactical IS plans have a shorter focusconcentrate on breaking down the strategic IS plan into more detailed plans that middlelevel managers can focus on implementing Operational level IS plans detail how the strategic IS plan will be implemented during the short term usually 1 year specific goalsobjectives permit measurement of how the IS department is performing in supporting the organizations strategy each of these sets of IS plans strategic tacticaloperationalshould be aligned with the organizations strategywith the organizations strategic tactical operationallevel plans
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