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Chapter 7

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Information Technology Management
ITM 102

Chapter 7Telecommunications the Internet and Wireless TechnologyOpening CaseHave You Ever Been in a Virgin Megastore Virgin Megastore used unified communications technology to provide managers and employees with integrated voice email and conferencing capabilities with the ability to switch seamlessly from one type of messaging to another Using unified communications accelerated information sharing and decision making enabling the company to manage its inventory more precisely gives more up to date information so the company can respond more rapidly to sales trends and adjust inventory accordingly save time and reduce inventory costs 71 Telecommunications and Networking in Todays Business WorldNetworking and Communication Trendin the past used 2 different types of networks telephone and computer networks Telephone networks handled voice communication and computer networks handled data traffic voice and data communication networks have become more powerful faster more portable smaller and mobile and less expensive broadbandhigh speed transmission technology also designates a single communications medium that can transmit multiple channels of data simultaneously Voice and data communication as well as internet access are taking place over broadband wireless platforms mobile devices PDA Mobile wireless broadband internet access 25g and 3g cellular fastest growing forms of internet access What is a computer network2 connect to more computer together major hardware software and transmission components used in a simple network a client computer and a dedicated server computer network interfaces a connection medium network operating system software and either a hub or a switch each computer on the network contains a network interface device called network interface card NICnetwork operating system NOSspecial software that routes and manages communications on the network and coordinates network resources can reside on every computer in the network or it can reside primarily on a dedicated server computer for all the applications on the network Server computer is a computer on a network that performs important network functions for client computers such as serving up web pages storing data and storing the network operating systemmost networks also contain a switch or a hub acting as a connection point between the computers Hubsvery simple devices that connect network components sending a packet of data to all other connected devices Switchmore intelligence than a hub and can filter and forward data to a specified destination on the network Routerused to communicate with another network a special communications processor used to route packets of data through different networks ensuring that the data sent gets to the correct address Network in Large Companiesnetwork infrastructure for a large corporation consists of a large number of these small LAN linked to other LANs and to firmwide corporate networks Aof powerful servers support a corporate web site a corporate intranet and perhaps an extranet some of these servers link to other large computer supporting back end systems major problem facing corporations today is how to integrate all the different communication networks and channels into a coherent system that enables information to flow from one part of the corporation to another from 1 system to another
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