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Chapter 5

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Information Technology Management
ITM 102

Chapter 5IT Infrastructure and Emerging TechnologiesOpen CaseBell Canada Uses Virtual Desktop IT infrastructure to Connect 1700 Desktopsbell replaced its server infrastructure with new computer hardware and software technologies and to standardize using the technology of a single vendor cheaper because a single server replaced several desktops and by employing a single network connection instead of multiple more expensive network connections bell Canada now uses a more efficient and easily managed environment that makes it much easier to deploy additional desktops while maintain security and control 51 IT Infrastructureinformation technology infrastructurethe shared technology resources that provide the platform for the firms specific information system applications IT infrastructure includes investment in hardware software and servicessuch as consulting education and trainingshared across the entire firmbusiness units in the firm provided the foundation for serving customers working with vendors and managing internal firm business processes Defining IT Infrastructureconsists of a set of physical devices and software applications that are required to operate the entire enterprise also a set of firmwide services budgeted by management and comprising both human and technical capabilities services include service platform makes it easier to understand the business value provided by infrastructure investments Evolution of IT Infrastructure5 stages general purpose mainframe and minicomputer computing personal computers clientserver networks enterpriseInternet computing and cloud computing General Purpose Mainframe and Minicomputer Era 1959Presentmainframelargest category of computer used for major business processingstIBM 360 was the 1 commercial computer with a powerful operating system that could provide time sharing multitasking and virtual memory in more advanced models highly centralized computing under the control of professional programmers and systems operators usually in a corporate data centre with most elements of infrastructure provided by a single vendor the manufacturer of the hardware and the software minicomputersmiddle range computer used in systems for universities factories or research laboratories decentralized computing customized to the specific needs of individual departments or business units Personal Computer Era 1981 Present
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