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Chapter 8

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Information Technology Management
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Chapter 8 Securing Information Systems Opening Case Canadian Law Firm wins the Case for Email securityThe problems created by email and email vendors for Watson Goepel Maledy illustrates some of the reasons why businesses need to pay special attention to information system securityThe potential for violating Canadian privacy legislation and having client information accessible by American authorities meant the firm had to change its email vendor In doing so the firm increased its email security and reduced the volume of spam email it received 81 System Vulnerability and AbuseSecurity refers to the policies procedures and technical measures used to prevent unauthorized access alteration theft or physical damage to information systemsControls are methods policies and organizational procedures that ensure the safety of the organizations assets the accuracy and reliability of its records and operational adherence to management standardsWhen large amounts of data are stored in electronic form they are vulnerable to many more kinds of threats than when they existed in manual form Threats can stem from technical organizational and environmental factors compounded by poor management decisionsIt is possible to access data flowing over networks steak data during transmissionor alter messages without authorizationIntruders can launch denial of service attacks or malicious software to disrupt the operation of Web sitesLarge public networks such as the internet are more vulnerable than internal networks because they are virtually open to anyone Computers that are constantly connected to the internet by cable modems or digital subscriber line DSL which are more open to penetration by outsiders because they use fixed internet addresses is assigned for each sessionA fixed internet address creates a fixed target for hackersTelephone service based on internet technology is more vulnerable than the switched voice network if it does not run over a secure private networkVulnerability has increased from a wide spread use of email instant messaging sharing programWiFi transmission technology was designed to make it easy for stations to find and hear one anotherWireless networks in many locations do not have basic protections against war driving in which eavesdroppers driver by buildings or park outside and try to intercept wireless network trafficMalware include a variety of threats such as computer viruses worms and Trojan horsesA computer virus is a rogue software program that attaches itself to other software programs or data files in order to be executed usually without user knowledge or permission Most computer viruses deliver a payload The payload may be relatively benign such as instructions to display a message or imagine or it may be highly destructivedestroying programs or data or clogging computer memoryMost recent attacks have come from worms which are independent computer programs that copy themselves from one computer to other computers over a network
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