Chapter 3

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Information Technology Management
ITM 200
Vikraman Baskaran

Chapter 3 Identifiers - are the names for the variables, classes,constants and methods They can be in any length Must start with a letter, _ , or a dollar sign Cannot be reserved words Variables hold information like 12, Hello, g, $#$$#&*FGYY Ex. Radius = 4, where radius is the variable Declaring variables When declaring a variable, you must have the data type and the variable Ex. int age; or double income;, char letter, String name; Where int, is a whole name like 56 Where double, is a number with decimals like 445.333333 Where char, is a letter like t or U Therefore a variable can be declared like: int radius = 1; or int radius; char letter = t; or char letter; radius = 1; letter = t; Constant is a variable that is final, which means that the value of the constant cannot be changed Ex. final int radius = 4;
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