Chapter 6

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Information Technology Management
ITM 200
Vikraman Baskaran

Chapter 6 – Loops While Loop • Executes a group of statements as long as a condition is true • Before the loop starts, it checks the condition of the while loop is true, if not the loop is not run • Programmer use while loop, with the number times it should loop is unknown • Well suited to writing indefinite loops • A “while” loop may be used if the number of repetitions is not known, as in the case of reading the numbers until the input is 0 The while loop, general syntax: while () { ; } Example: int number = 1; while (number <= 200) { System.out.print(number + " "); number *= 2; Sentinel Value – is an input value to signify to end the loop The do/while Loop - Executes statements repeatedly while a condition is true, testing it at the end of each repetition - Similar to a while loop, except that its body statement(s) will always execute the first time, regardless of whether the condition is true or false - A “do-while” loop can be used to replace a while
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