Chapter 3

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Information Technology Management
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ITM 200
Vikraman Baskaran

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Chapter 3 Outputs and calculations 3.1 The structure of a Java program Comments Comments are pieces of text that are ignored by the compiler They are usually included by the author of a program for 2 reasons o Provide useful notes or explanations for a human reading the program o Prevent statements from being executed maybe during lazy debugging or program development Following are comments o Prints Hello on the screen in a dialog box o import class JOptionPane Comments begin with , which tells the computer that all text from this point until the end of the line is to be ignored when translating the Java program into byte code You should always place a comment at the start of the program to state o The purpose of the program o An outline of how it carries out its task o Who wrote the program and when o A list of any changes to the program and when they were made o Anything else which might help a reader to understand the program Other kinds of Java comments Another type of comment starts with * and ends with * This kind of comment can spread over 2 or more lines for detailed notes Importing (reusing) code from other files The line import javax.swing.JOptionPane; is an import statement Classes
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