Chapter 10

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Information Technology Management
ITM 200
Vikraman Baskaran

Chapter 10 Files 10.1 Motivation Reading data from files File is a collection of information that can be stored on a disk; the disk could be a o Hard disk o Floppy disk o Zip disk o CD-ROM o Flash drive There are lots of different sorts of file; for example o Word documents o Excel spreadsheets o Program source files (text) o Executable program files o Data files for programs 10.2 Sequential access files Sequential access file is one in which data is written to the file in sequence, 1 data item at a time o The data is read from the file in the same sequential order o In a file of characters, each data item is a single character 10.3 Writing to a file To write data to a file on a disk you must carry out the following steps o Create a FileWriter object in the program to represent the file and link it to the file o Create a BufferedWriter object to collect characters together before they are sent to the file and connect it to the FileWriter object
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