Chapter 4

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Information Technology Management
ITM 200
Vikraman Baskaran

Khushi Sharma Thursday May 10 , 2012 Chapter 4 Inputs and Strings Adding Two Numbers: String Variables -variables are int, char and double these are ‘pigeon holes’ in the computer’s memory into which you can place literal values which are integers and characters and floating point numbers; these are called primitive types variables -String class from the java standard library is used for this purpose -in order to be useful variable must be created to reference a string object  String myName; -notice the S in String is upper case, as we already know class name should always begin with a upper case Primitive Variable vs. Reference Variables -string variables are an example of so called reference variables -reference variables does not actually contain its associated data, but contains a reference to the data -you can represent the reference as an arrow, pointing to the data -primitive variables contain the value that they have been assigned (example: number 25)  The value 25 will be stored in the memory location associated as variable number  Objects are not stored under variables BUT they are referenced by variables Type of an Object -type of an object reference variable will always be the name of a class and will al
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