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Information Technology Management
ITM 207
Youcef Derbal

Chapter3DataRepresentationNowadays computers are truly multimedia devices which deal with several different media types These includeoNumbersoTextoAudiooImages and GraphicsoVideoUltimately however all of this data is stored as binary digits Each document is somehow represented as strings of 1s and 0sData Compression is reducing the amount of space needed to store a piece of data In the best we needed to keep data small because of storage limitations but today it is shrunk to share it with others on the webThe web and networks have an inherent bandwidth restriction Bandwidth is the number of bits or bytes that can be transmitted from one place to another in a fixed amount of timeThe Compression Ratio gives us an indication of how much compression occurs The compression ratio is the size of the compressed data divided by the size of the original data The value resulting should be between 0 and 1 the closer the ratio is to zero the tighter the compressionoData compression technique can be lossless which means there is no loss of the original informationoData compression can also be lossy in which case some information is lost in the process of compaction Although we never want to lose information in some cases the loss is acceptable oWe always face a tradeoff between accuracy and sizeAlthough the world is infinite computers and their memory and other hardware devices only have so much room to store and manipulate data and are finite We want to represent enough of the world to satisfy our computation needs and our senses of sight and soundInformation can then be represented in ONE of two ways
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