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Information Technology Management
ITM 315
Maria Piccioni

Chapter 3 Review Questions 1. You have installed Windows Server 2008 and had to provide a new driver file for the disk drives in your computer. Now it seems like the disk drives are not responding as quickly as advertised. What can you do? Answer: b. Ensure that the DMAtransfer mode is configured for the drives. 2. Each time that you access files on a disk, the monitor blinks or goes blank for several seconds. What might be the source of the problem and possible solution? Answer: d. There is an IRQ conflict and you need to use Device Manager to resolve the problem. 3. You have just used the servermanagercmd command to install two server roles. Which of the following commands can you use now to verify that the roles are installed? Answer: a. servermanagercmd -query 4. You want to confirm how space is allocated on the disk drives installed in your server. Which of the following tools enables you to do this? Answer: c. Server Manager 5. Which of the following can be installed using theAdd Hardware Wizard? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: a. CD/DVD drive, b. keyboard, c. monitor, and d. disk drive 6. You’ve obtained a new driver from the Internet for your server’s NIC. What tool enables you to install the driver? Answer: a. Device Manager 7. You have noticed lately that your server is running very slowly, especially when switching between programs. You see that the C: partition is running low on space, limiting the size of your paging file. You have a second partition, D:, that has 100 GB of free space. How can you move the paging file from partition C: onto partition D:? Answer: c. Configure it from the System window opened through Control Panel. 8. A_____ variable is defined by the operating system and is applied to every user when logged on. Answer: system environment 9. Your organization has consolidated servers through virtualization and now needs to remove the Windows Deployment Services server role from one of its servers. Which of the foll
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