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Information Technology Management
ITM 315
Maria Piccioni

Chapter 4 Review Questions 1. Your company has four departments: Marketing and Sales, Manufacturing, Product Research, and Business. Which of the followingActive Directory container design plans might you use to best manage the user accounts and network access needs of each department? Answer: c. Create four OUs in one domain. 2. Using the example in Question 1, what Active Directory capability can you use to establish different account lockout policies for each of the four departments? Answer: a. fine-grained password policies 3. Your colleague is trying to create a universal security group for the three administrators of the single standalone server in his company. The problem is that he can’t find an option to create a universal security group. What is the problem? Answer: d. He cannot create a universal security group on a standalone server and must instead create a local security group. 4. One of the DCs in your company reports that it has an Active Directory error. You need to fix it as quickly as possible to reduce downtime. Which of the following tools can you use to stop and restart AD DS on that server? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: b. Server Manager 5. Which of the following server operating systems can be used when the domains in Windows Server 2008Active Directory are set at the Windows Server 2003 domain functional level? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: c. Windows Server 2003 and d. Windows Server 2008 6. Domains in a tree are in a _____ relationship. Answer: Kerberos transitive trust relationship 7. You’ve installed theAD DS server role, but find thatActive Directory is not fully implemented. What should you do next? Answer: c. Run dcpromo. 8. A_____ is a unique number associated with each object inAD DS. Answer: globally unique identifier (GUID) 9. Your school has a parent object named and the child object names and What kind of namespace is this? Answer: a. disjointed 10. Your company’s management has decided that the accounts in all OUs should be set up and managed by the Information Technology department’s security specialist. As theAD DS administrator, how can you best give this capability to the security specialist? Answer: c. Use the delegate control feature to give her control of the OUs that contain user accounts. 11. Name three optional attributes associated with a us
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