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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 315
Maria Piccioni

Chapter 5 Review Questions 1. Your company writes software for voting machines and needs to ensure that the software and documentation is carefully protected on its servers. Last week one of the servers was stolen from its machine room, but fortunately that server did not contain sensitive voting machine files. What file security can your company use to protect its information in the future, so that even if a server is stolen its files cannot be accessed? Answer: a. Microsoft Encrypting File System 2. Afellow programmer has set up a shared folder of programs he is working on, but the problem is that several users have discovered the folder and have been trying out the programs. What steps can the programmer take to ensure that only he can view and access the folder? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: a. Use permissions to secure the shared folder. and c. Place a dollar sign after the name of the shared folder to hide it. 3. Your company has salespeople who use laptop computers for travel. When they go out they need to access marketing files stored on the server. What capability enables them to access these files while they are on the road and cannot connect to the network? Answer: d. offline files 4. The water resources group in your organization asked you to create a shared folder to hold research data. Ten people are in the group; two of them cannot access the file but the other eight can. What can you do to easily determine why two people cannot access it? Answer: c. Check the effective permissions for that folder. 5. You have configured a folder for sharing, but users do not see the server on the network. What might be the problem? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: b. Network discovery is disabled. and c. The Windows Firewall is blocking incoming and outgoing access. 6. The _____ can change permissions on a folder. Answer: owner (students might also include administrator, but owner is the best answer) 7. You’ve published a folder in Active Directory and now want to test your work by finding it inActive Directory from Windows Server 2008. What steps do you take? Answer: b. Click Start, click Network, and click the SearchActive Directory button. 8. Use the _____ tool to publish a shared folder in Active Directory. Answer: Active Directory Users and Computers 9. Your college uses shared folders to make class information and assignments available to students. The shared folders are currently on three different computers, and finding the right folder can be confusing. What is a possible solution to make the folders easier for students to find and use? Answer: d. Set up the shared folders in DFS. 10. The ComputerAdvisory Committee in your company
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