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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 315
Maria Piccioni

Chapter 10 Solutions Review Questions 1. Your company’s management wants to install a VPN server and use Web access to the VPN. They also want to use the same protocol as is used for secure transactions on the Web. Which of the following protocols can you install to provide this security? Answer: b. SSTP 2. You have set up a VPN, but no one can access it on the network. Your analysis at the VPN server shows that all of the remote access connections are working and that the VPN is enabled. Which of the following might be the problem? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: a. Windows Firewall needs to be configured to allow the VPN communications.; and b. The Remote Access Connection Manager service is stopped. 3. You have installed a dial-up remote access server to obtain IP addresses from a DHCP server that is connected to the network. No error messages were displayed during the installation, but for some reason IP addresses are not being automatically assigned to the dial-up clients. What step might you have omitted? Answer: d. configuring a DHCP Relay Agent 4. A thin client is typically used with a _____ server. Answer: terminal 5. Your company is planning to set up a dial-up remote access server. Which of the following types of WAN networks can you use for your dial-up remote access server? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: a. ISDN, b. T-carrier, c. DSL, and d. cable modem 6. What are the three forms of MPPE encryption? Answer: basic encryption (MPPE 40 bit), strong encryption (MPPE 56 bit), and strongest (MPPE 128 bit) 7. Your company works with classified government information and wants to use smart cards for accessing its secure VPN server. What authentication should be configured at the VPN server to enable smart card use? Answer: a. EAP 8. _____ on a terminal server enables clients to run applications without loading a remote desktop on the client computer. Answer: RemoteApps 9. Your company’s network is in Chicago, but seven employees telecommute from a shared office in Kansas City. Each of the telecommuters has his or her own telephone line and dedicated number. How can you set up security so that the dial-up RAS server verifies each user by his or her telephone number? Answer: c. Set up callback security on each user’s account so that only a specific number is called back. 10. The _____ tool enables you to view the users logged onto a terminal server.
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