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Chapter 15

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Maria Piccioni

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Chapter 12 Solutions Review Questions 1. You support computer systems in the cashier’s office of a college. A new cashier system is being installed on Windows Server 2008 and it is important that when a cashier takes in money and updates a student’s records in a database that all parts of a transaction are fully synchronized in the database, even if there is an unexpected server failure. What application server feature should you install? Answer: b. distributed transaction support 2. Which of the following is a way in which a TS RemoteApp application can be started by a client? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: a. as a Web site link through TS Web Access, b. from the Start menu, and d. from a desktop icon 3. You have configured a shared folder to be accessed offline by all traveling sales reps in your company. Right after you configure the offline access a rep calls to report she cannot access the file offline from her laptop. Which of the following might be the problem? Answer: d. The rep did not configure offline access for the shared folder on her laptop. 4. One of the server administrators in your company wants to install Windows Server Update Services, but is not sure what Windows Server 2008 tool to use to install it. What do you tell him? Answer: d. It is a free software add-on that can be downloaded from Microsoft’s Web site. 5. Your organization is planning to develop several in-house line-of-business applications. Which of the following Microsoft .NET Framework elements can help reduce the amount of code that programmers must write from scratch for commonly used functions, such as network and display functions? Answer: c. class library 6. What .NET Framework service can help you reduce the number of TCP ports in use as a security measure? Answer: Net.TCP Port Sharing 7. Windows Presentation Foundation uses the _____ Language Answer: Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) 8. List five tools that are provided by the Application Server Foundation on an application server. Answer: Students can list any five of the following:  Microsoft .NET Framework  ASP.NET  COM+  Internet Information Services (IIS)  NET.TCP Port Sharing  Distributed transaction support  Message Queuing 9. Which of the follow capabilities are offered through Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: a. software distribution, b. asset intelligence, c. Wake On LAN, and d. client status reporting 1 10. You have set up an application server, but the performance seems slow at times. You are running Terminal Services on this server. Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM) is already installed o
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