Chapter 5 - configuring and managing

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 315
Farid Shirazi

Chapter 5 - Config, Managing and Troubleshooting Resource Access Managing Folder and File Security • After creating accoutns and groups for sharing resources you must create Access control Lists (ACLs) to secure these objects then set them up for sharing. • Discretionary ACL (DACL) - an ACL that is config by a server administrator or owner of an object. ex. admin will set up folder about policies and HR director can own it and share it to HR. • System control (SACL) - contains info used to audit the access to an object. ex. softdrink company has secret recipe contained in SACL. company can monitor who views files contents and add restrictions to certain users. Configuring Folder and File Attributes • Use of attributes is retained in the NT file system (NTSF) from its predecessor File Allocation Table (FAT). They are stored as header info with each folder and file along with other characteristics like volume label, subfolder, date and time of creation. o Read-only - folder can't be deleted. o Hidden Folders Advanced Features in folder options • Archive attribute - folder/file needs to be backed up bc it is new or changed. The backup system ensures each file is saved following the same folder or subfolder scheme as on the server. • Index Attribute vs. Windows Search Service - legacy features. Index attribute is used to index the folder and file contents so that files name, text, creation or mod date, author and other prop can be quickly searched in win2k8. The indexing service creates a catalog of docs to be tracked and searched. • Compress Attribute - a folder and its contents can be stored on disk in compressed format • Encrypt Attribute - NTSF encrypt attribute protects folders and files so that only the user who encrypts the folder or file is able to read it by using Encrypting File System (EFS) which uses: o Symmetric encryption: uses single key to encrypt the file or folder o Asymmetric encryption: two encryption keys are used to protect the key for encrypting the file or folder and is connected to a user account. o *note: you can decrypt by using cipher /? in cmd) • Configuring Folder and File Permissions - controls access to an object, such as a file or folder. Permission Description Applies to Full Control Do ALL below Folders and Files read, add delete, execute and modify files: cannot delete subfolders and their file contents, change permissions, Modify and execute files Folders and Files imples the capabilities of both list folder contents and read (traverse folders, view file contents, view attributes and Read and Execute permissions and execute files) Folders and Files Can list (traverse) files in the folder or switch to a subfolder, view folder attributes and permissions, and execute files List Folder Content but cannot view file contents Folders only view file contents, view folder attributes and permissions, but cannot traverse folders or Read execute files Folders and Files can create files, write data to files, append data to files, create folders, delete folders (but not subfolders), and modify folder Write and file attributes Folders and Files see p. 192 for special permissions • Configuring Folder and File Auditing - enables you to track activity on a folder or file such as read or write activity • Configuring and File Ownership - first owned by the account that creates them, such as an admin account. Ownership can be transferred by the 'take ownership' special permission or full control permission. Configuring Shared Folders and Shared Folder Permissi
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