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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 315
Farid Shirazi

ITM 315 Network Administration Winter 2012Chapter 1 Introduction to Windows Server 2008Different styles of operating systemsFor different business needsEight versionsWindows Server 2008 Standard EditionWindows Server 2008 Enterprise EditionWindows Web Server 2008Windows Server 2008 Datacenter EditionWindows Server 2008 for ItaniumBased SystemsWindows Server 2008 Standard Edition without HyperV Windows Server 2008 Platforms contdWindows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition without HyperVWindows Server 2008 Datacenter Edition without HyperV Windows Server 2008 Standard EditionMost basic server versionBasis for other versionsEveryday needs of small to large businessesUsed on x86 and x64 computersSupportsFile and print sharingEssential network servicesApplication and other sharingMultiprocessor computersSymmetric multiprocessor SMPCompatible with Microsoft NET Framework and Microsoft Visual Studio NETHyperVVirtualization environmentCuts cost by using fewer computersOnly runs on x64 computersWindows Server 2008 Enterprise EditionIntended for midsized and large organizations with scaling needsSupports x86 and x64Enables clusteringLinks two or more computers systems to provide failsafe servicesSupports hotadd memoryCan add RAM without shutting downFault tolerant memory syncProvides Microsoft Meta directory Services Windows Web Server 2008Designed for hosting and deploying Web services and applicationsSupports x86 and x64 computersCannot be used to manage directory resources via hosting Active Directory Windows Server 2008 Datacenter EditionDesigned for Environments with missioncritical applicationsVery large databasesInformation access requiring high availability
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