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Information Technology Management
ITM 315
Farid Shirazi

ITM 315 Network Administration Winter 2012Chapter 2 Installing Windows Server 2008Preparing for InstallationIdentify the hardware requirements Check hardware compatibilityDetermine disk partitioning optionsUnderstand the file systemDetermine upgrade optionsPlan user licensingDetermine domain or workgroup membershipChoose a computer nameDetermine whether to install Server Core or the full versionIdentify the server roles to implementDetermine the immediate preparationsIdentifying Hardware Requirements and Determining CompatibilityDetermine requirements for hardwarePlan for growthRedundant array of inexpensive disks RAIDPrevent data loss from hard disk failureHardware compatibility testingConsult Windows Server Catalog of Tested ProductsMay need to upgrade basic inputoutput system BIOSActivity 21 Determining the BIOS Version of a ComputerDetermining Disk Partitioning OptionsInstall Windows Server 2008 on existing or new partitionAfter installation use Server Manager to create additional partitionsActivity 22 Determining How an Existing Windows Server 2003 Server Is PartitionedObjective Determining the space on disks in a Windows Server 2003 server and how the disks are partitionedUnderstanding NTFSNew Technology File System NTFSNative file system for Windows Server 2008Security advantagesFile compressionDisk quotasIndexingPortable operating system interface POSIXJournalingHard linkSelfhealing disks
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