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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 315
Farid Shirazi

ITM 315 Network Administration Winter 2012Chapter 3 Configuring the Windows Server 2008 EnvironmentUsing Server ManagerServer ManagerConsolidates administrative functionsRoles Summary featureDisplays log informationTwo panelsLeft panelRoles Features Diagnostics Configuration storage Right panelServer Summary Roles Summary Features Summary Resources andSupportActions panelShown when drillingdown into functions Activity 31 Getting to Know Server ManagerObjective Learn how to start and use Server ManagerInstalling and Removing Server RolesCommon rolesFile serverPrint serverRoles change over timeActivity 32 Installing and Removing Two Server Roles Objective Install and then remove the File Services and Print Services roles inWindows Server 2008Using ServerManagerCmdexeServerManagerCmdexeCommandline tool for managing server rolesManage features to be addedremovedRun parameters in XML answer fileActivities supported by ServerManagerCmdexeInstall and remove roles or featuresDetermine installed roles and featureswhatifUseoptionRestart computerSpecify features to install with roleUse XMLbased answer file to install or remove rolesExecuted from command lineAccess Command Prompt window from Administrator accountRoles and features identified by IDsActivity 33 Running ServerManagerCmdexe Objective Use the ServerManagerCmdexe command to install and query serverrolesConfiguring Server Hardware Devices
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