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Information Technology Management
ITM 315
Farid Shirazi

ITM 315 Network Administration Winter 2012Chapter 5 Configuring Managing and Troubleshooting Resource AccessManaging Folder and File SecuritySteps for sharing resourcesCreating accounts and groupsCreate access control lists ACLsTypes of ACLs Discretionary ACL DACLConfigured by a server administrator or owner of an objectSystem control ACL SACL Contains information used to audit the access to an objectDACL and SACL controls for folders and filesAttributesPermissionsAuditingOwnershipConfiguring Folder and File AttributesAttributes Stored as header information with each folder and file Along with other characteristics including volume label designation as a subfolderdate of creation and time of creationReadonly and hidden attributesSet on General tab in an NTFS folders or files properties dialog boxAdvanced attributes Archive index compress
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