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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 315
Farid Shirazi

ITM 315 Network Administration Winter 2012Chapter 4 Introduction to Active Directory and Account ManagementActive Directory BasicsDirectory service Houses information about all network resources Servers printers user accounts groups of user accounts security policies andother informationDomain controllers DCsServers that have the AD DS server role installedMember serversDo not have AD installedDomain Fundamental component or container Holds information about all network resources that are grouped within itEach DC is equal to every other DCMultimaster replicationAdvantageIf one DC goes down no network interruptionActivity 41 Installing Active DirectorySchemaDefines objects and the information pertaining to those objects that can be stored in Active DirectoryCharacteristics of objectsSample schema for user accountglobally unique identifier GUIDIncludes Unique number associated with the object nameEach attribute automatically given a version number and date When created or changedGlobal CatalogStores information about every object within forestglobal catalogFirst DC configured in a forest becomes Can change to another DCPurposesAuthenticationForestwide searches of dataReplication of key AD elementsKeeps copy of most used attributes for quick accessNamespaceName resolutionConverts computer and domain names to IP addressesNamespace Logical area on a network that contains directory services and named objectsHas the ability to perform name resolution
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