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Information Technology Management
ITM 330
Selcuk Savas

Chapter 1 Business Functions and Business Processes Chapter 1 Business functions and business processes Introduction  Enterprise resource planning (ERP): systems are core software programs used by companies to integrate and coordinate information in every area of business.  Business process: is a collection of activities that takes one or more kinds of input and creates an output, such as a report or forecast that is of value to the customer. Functional areas of operation  Most companies have four main functional areas of operation: o Marketing and sales (M/S) o Supply chain management (SCM) o Accounting and finance (A/F) o Human resources (HR)  Business functions: are activities specific to that functional area of operation. Chapter 1 Business Functions and Business Processes Business processes Business process is a collection of activates that takes one or more kind of input and creates an output that is of value to the customer. Marketing and sales Functions include: developing products, determining pricing, promoting products to customers, and taking customers’ orders. Marketing and sales also helps create a sales forecast to ensure the successful operation of the business. Chapter 1 Business Functions and Business Processes Supply Chain Management Supply chain management (SCM): include developing production plans, ordering raw materials from suppliers, receiving the raw material into the facility, manufacturing products, maintaining facilities, and shipping products to customers. Sales forecast are estimates of future product demand, which is the amount of product customers will want to buy. Accounting and Finance Accounting and finance (A/F): performs financial accounting to provide summaries of operation data in managerial reports and it is also responsible for tasks such as controlling accounting, planning and budgeting, and cash-flow management. Raw Data: are simply numbers collected from sales, manufacturing, and other operations without any manipulation. Human Resources Human Resources are simple business needs, to support the marketing and sales and supply chain management functional areas, which means
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