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Chapter 7

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Information Technology Management
ITM 330
Peter Pille

ITM 330 Chapter 7 NotesProcess ModelingA Process Model is a way to describe any abstract representation of a process Ex flowcharts Flowchart Process Model One of the simplest processmodeling tools A Flowchart can be defined as any graphical representation of the movement or flow of concrete or abstract itemsmaterials documents logic ect It shows a process from the beginning to end Process Mapping used interchangeably with flowcharting specifically refers to the activities occurring within an existing business process Process mapping develops an as is representation of the process with a goal of exposing weaknesses that need to be addressed Once a process mapping is made a Gap Analysis is performed which is an assessment of disparities between an organizations current situation and its longterm goals Flow Chart Symbols Page 181 Figure 71 Process Boundaries define which activities are to be included in the process and which are considered part of the environmentexternal to the process Fitter Snacker Expense Report Process Flow Chart for FS Page 182 71 Extension of Process Mapping Processmapping tools have evolved beyond simple symbols of flowcharting to highquality graphical interfaces Hierarchical Modeling is the ability to flexibly describe a business process in greater or less detail depending on the task at hand Pg 184 Fig 73Allows user to move easily from higherlevel less detailed views to lowerlevel more detailed view Deployment Flowcharting is a type of flowchart that depicts team members across the top with each step aligned vertically under the appropriate employee or team Pg 185 Fig 74 Also known as Swimlane Flowchart
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