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Information Technology Management
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ITM 330
Selcuk Savas

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ITM 330- Chapter 3 Marketing Information Systems and the Sales Order Process -Marketing and Sales- generates key transaction data -Flicker Snacker (FS) company example given -FS incurred some problems such as incorrect pricing, they had separate information systems for 3 functional areas FIG 3.1 -The Sales Process: Sales price quote, sales order -> Warehouse pick pack and ship -> Accounting invoice, payment -> Receiving Returns -Some tasks that FS go through: Sales quotient and orders, order filling, accounting and invoice, payment and returns Sales and Distribution and ERP - ERP systems use a common database, minimize errors and provide accuracy, can track all transactions SAP ERP defines 6 events for any sale: 1. pre-sales activities - customers can get the info about the price, quotient is written/binding/legal/ can get it at that rate for a specified time period 2. sales order processing - the beginning of an order 3. inventory sourcing - checks the inventory available 4. delivery - deliver the item 5. billing -charge the customer for the item 6. payment - take in payment A Standard Order in SAP ERP - enter code numbers for name etc. Data Entry Field Explanation Sold-to party- Identification number assigned to customer P.O. Number - The number assigned by the customer to the sales transaction. This is different from the sales order number assigned by the Seller (using SAP ERP) to the sales transaction. In a paper process, the purchase order number is usually a sequential number pre-printed on the purchase order form. Req. deliv. date- The delivery date for the order requested by the customer. The SAP ERP system will evaluate the ability to meet this date and suggest alternatives, if necessary. Materi
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