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Information Technology Management
ITM 350
Franklyn Prescod

ITM 350 Chapter 4 Notes Enterprise Wide and InterEnterprise Wide Systems Introduction EnterpriseWide Systems are any information system used throughout an enterprise with the intention of enabling a consistent type of functionality as well as enterprisewide access to the same data They are intended to make information available to all personnel in the enterprise Middleware is any software or programs used to link together or communicate between two separate and different programsThis software passes data back and forth between it and the legacy systemsLegacy System is an old outdates application that has not yet been replaced or upgraded ERP Systems ERP stands for enterprise resource planning They are designed to enable personnel throughout an organization to view the same set of data rather than requiring it to be moved across applications View Traditional and Centralized Data StructuresPg 72 Y2K is a term referring to the year 2000 Y2K was a common abbreviation to categorize the computer gl
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