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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 350
Franklyn Prescod

ITM 350 Chapter 1 Notes Introduction to Ebusiness Introduction definitions and a lot of blabber Internet is a global network based on a common digital communication standard Trading Exchange is an online marketplace usually on a website that enables suppliers and customers to carry out their business electronically often using auctioning techniques B2B Business to BusinessThe Supply Chain is the set of processes that encompasses purchases of raw materials or resources through tothe final delivery of a product or service to the end consumer B2C Business to ConsumerA bank having Automated Teller Machines ATMs B2G Business to Government G2B Government to Business B2E Business to Employee G2C Government to ConsumerCanada Revenue Agency CRA G2B Government to BusinessAlso Canada Revenue Agency CRA What is EBusiness Ebusiness is often defined as any business carried out in electronic form Electronic Data Interchange EDI a structured way of creating electronic forms that can be transmitted between trading partners to execute business transactions without the need to generate any paper EBusiness is the strategic use of technology particularly the internet to integrate and streamline the business processes enterprise applications and organizational structure of a business to create a highperformance model The Foundations of EBusiness EBusiness Models
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