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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 350
Franklyn Prescod

ITM 350 Chapter 2 Notes Internet Business Models and Strategies Introduction A Business Model is the manner in which a business organizes itself to achieve its objectives which normally involve the generation of profits There are 8 components which make up the business model 1 External ForcesPolitical economic social and technological factors pressures and forces from outside the entity that create opportunities for the entity or threaten its business objectives 2 MarketsFormatsThe domains in which the entity may choose to operate and the design and location of the facilitiesReverse Auction an auction that has one buyer offering a supply contract to many sellers who compete by bidding down the supply price for the contract 3 CustomersThe individuals and organization that purchase the entitys outputs 4 Core Business ProcessesThe processes used to develop produce market and distribute an entitys products and servicesA Pur
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