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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Chapter 1Introduction to Cyberethics Concepts Perspectives and Methodological Frameworks 11 Defining Key Terms Cyberethics and Cybertechnology y Cyberethics is the study or moral legalsocial issues involving cybertechnology o Cyberethics studies the impact of cybertechnology on our social legalmoral systems o Cyberethics evaluates the social policieslaws that have been framed in response to issues generated by its developmentuse 111 What is Cybertechnology y Cybertechnology refers to a wide range of computingcommunication devices from just standalone computers to connected computers or networked computerscommunication technologies o For example PDAs cell phones PC desktop or laptopmainframe computerso Networked devices can be connected directly to the Internet or they can be connected to other devices thru 1 or more privately owned computer networks Privately owned networks could be LANWAN on pg 10 o Internetprivately owned computer networks r most common examples of cybertechnology112 Why the term Cyberethics y Cyberethics is more accurate than computer ethics for 2 reasons o First the term computer ethics can mean ethical issues linked with computing machinesalso could be related to standalone or unconnected computerso Second the term computer ethics might also suggest a field of study that is concerned exclusively with ethical issues affecting computer professionals but that is not true it could also affect regular users as welly Cyberethics is also more accurate than information ethicso First information ethics is ambiguous cuz it can mean a specific methodological framework ex Information Ethics IE for analyzing issues in cyberethicsIt can also mean a group of ethical issues of particular interest to professionals in the fields of library scienceinformation science o Second information ethics refers to ethical concerns affecting the free flow of information which include issues such as library censorshipintellectual freedom y Cyberethics is also more accurate than Internet ethicso Not all issues do not involve the Internet for example issues with computerized monitoring in the workplace with professional responsibility for designing reliable computer hardwaresoftware systems12 The Cyberethics Evolution Four Developmental Phases in Cybertechnology y Evolution of cyberethics can be summarized in 4 technological phases o Phase 1 1950s and 1960s
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