Chapter 2

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Chapter 2Ethical concepts and theories establishing and justifying a moral system21 Ethics and morality y Ethics is derived from the Greek ethos y Morality has its roots in the Latin mores y Both these terms refer to idea of custom habit behaviorcharacter 211 What is morality y Morality can be defined as a system of rules for guiding human conductprinciples for evaluating those ruleso Morality is a systemit is a system made of moral rulesprinciplesy There r 2 kinds of rules of conduct o Directives that guide our conduct as individuals at microlevelDirectives r rules that guide our individual actionsdirect us in our moral choices at the microethical level ex Do not stealDo not harm others o Social policies set at the macrolevelGuide our conduct at the macrolevel ex on pg 42 y Figure 21 on pg 43 y What kind of a system is a moral system o Morality is a system whose purpose is to prevent harmevilso A moral system promotes human flourishing o All ethicists believe that the basic purpose of a moral system is to prevent or lessen harmsuffering o Bernard Gert describes a moral system as one that is both publicinformal Moral system is public cuz everyone must know what the rules r that define it ex on pg 44Moral system is informal cuz a moral system has no formal authoritative judges controlling over it ex on pg 44 o Gerts model of a moral system includes 2 additional featuresRationality y Moral system is rational in that it is based on principles of logical reason accessible to ordinary persons y Morality cant involve special knowledge that is only understood by special individuals or groups it must be available to all reasonable persons known as moral agents y Nonmoral agents such as pets childrenmentally challenged persons r not responsible for their actions but moral agents have some responsibilities to follow towards nonmoral agentsImpartiality
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