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Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Chapter 4Professional ethics codes of conduct and moral responsibility 41 Professional ethics y When applied to computing professional ethics is a field of applied ethics concerned with moral issues that affect computer professionals o Professional ethics is the main perspective thru which ethical issues involving the computing field shud be examined o Why have a professional ethics categorySome moral issues affecting professionals r differentspecialized to guarantee a separate field of studyProfessionals have special moral obligations which exceed those of ordinary individuals 411 What is a profession y A profession has come to be associated with a certain kind of career or an occupation in which a person has a specific set of skills or a mastery of knowledge in a particular field y A profession can be distinguished from many ordinary occupations in terms of certain kinds of characteristics such as having a code of ethics ex on pg 83 o Barger said computerIT field qualifies as a genuine profession cuz the field satisfies 2 criteriaExpert knowledgespecial technical knowledge that is certified by some authorityis not possessed by the amateurAutonomy with respect to independence in conducting ones professional practice 412 Who is a professional y There r many professionals o Doctors o Lawyers o Realestate professionals o Marketing professionals Ex on pg 83 y A professionals rolesresponsibilities can exceed those of ordinary individuals o It differentiates professionals from nonprofessional persons more on pg 83 end 413 Who is a computerIT professional y ComputerIT professional is any1 employed in the computingIT fields o They cud be softwarehardware engineers specialists such as support personnel network admincomputer repair technicians
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