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Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Privacy Chap 4 1 There have always been concerns about personal privacy long before the advent of computers What has changed to raise our anxiety levelsImpact that changes in technology have had on privacy o Amount of personal info that can be collected o Speed of which personal info that can be transmitted oDuration of the time that the information can be retainedo Kind of info that can be acquired and exchangedEg transactional data from ATMs can be given to marketing companies 2 According to Moor our policy vacuum friend what are three views of privacyAccessibility privacy o Physically being let alone being free from intrusion into ones physical spaceDecisional privacy o Privacy defined as freedom from interference in ones choices and decisionsInformational privacy o Control over the flow of ones personal information including the transfer and exchange of that information 3 Wha
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