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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Chapter 1 Introduction to Cyberethics Concepts Perspectives and Methodological Framework The Washingtonienne BloggerJessica Cutler staff assistant to US Senator Michael DeWineRan a blogWas fired when contents of blog appeared on DC GossipSaid about her salary 25 000yearAlso said she slept around with important people paid for her stuff as wellOnly said men by initials but were easily identifiableOne of men she mentioned sued herIssues include o Privacy o Confidentiality o Anonymity o Free Speech o Defamation Verizon and Recording Studio IndustryRecording Industry Association of America RIAARequest that Verizon give over 2 names of its subscribersVerizon refusedOther complied thoughUS court of appeal for district of Columbia said ruled in favour of VerizonIssues o Privacy and surveillance o Anonymity o Civil liberties o Access and equity o Property and Ownership A Cyberstalking IncidentAmy Boyer murdered by Liam YouensUsed search engine to find detailPaid small fee to docusearchcom o Saw where she lived worked etcMade two webpages o One about personal details about her o Another about how he was going to kill her
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