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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 407
Candace Grant

Chapter 2 Ethical Concepts and Ethical Theories Establishing and Justifying a Moral System Ethics and MoralityEthics greek ethos study of morality What is MoralityMorality system of rules for guiding human conduct and principles for evaluating those rulesMoral rules rules of conductPolicies rules of conduct that have a wide range of application could be formal laws informal implicit guidelines etcTwo kinds of rules of conduct o Directives guide our conduct as individuals at the mircolevel o Social policies framed at the macro levelEg directive do not harm othersEg Social policies unauthorized duplication of software should not be allowedPrinciple of social utility greatest good for the greatest number o Litmus test see if a policy of dont duplicate software has moral grounds What Kind of System is a Moral SystemMorality system whose purpose is to prevent harm and evils o Also to promote human flourishingFundamental purpose of a moral system to prevent or alleviate harm and sufferingGert moral system is both public and informal o Public everyone must know what the rules are that define itEg playing a game players known the rules and those players use the rules to guide their behaviourDifferent than game though because not everyone has to play a game but everyone obligated to participate in a moral system o Informal no formal authoritative judges presiding over itEg Pick up game in basketball no refs but players generally adhere to rulesMoral system also rational based on principles of logical reason accessible to ordinary personsRules of a moral system must be available to all rational persons moral agents o Do not hold nonmoral agents pets young children and mentally challenged persons responsible for their actionsMoral system impartial moral rules are ideally designed to apply equitably to all participantsBlindfold of justice principle
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