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Information Technology Management
ITM 430
Aziz Guergachi

Chapter 1 – Object-Oriented Analysis and Design 1.3 What is Analysis and Design?  Analysis emphasizes an investigation of the problem and requirements rather than a solution (ex. if a new online trading system is desired, how will it be used? What are its functions?)  Design emphasizes a theoretical solution that fulfills the requirements, rather than its implementations (ex. under section 1.3) 1.4 What is Object-Oriented Analysis and Design?  In object-oriented analysis there is an emphasis on finding & describing the objects or concepts in the problem domain (ex. in the case of flight information system, some of the concepts include Plane, Flight & Pilot)  In object-oriented design there is an emphasis on defining software objects and how they collaborate to fulfill the requirements (ex. a Plane software object may have a tailNumber attribute and a getFlightHistory method) 1.5 A Short Example Define Use Cases  Use cases are requirements analysis which include stories or scenarios of how people use the application o Use cases are not an object-oriented artifact, they are simply written stories (ex. under section 1.5) Define a Domain Model  Object-oriented analysis is concerned with creating a description of the domain from the perspective of objects o Domain model example in Figure 1.3 o Domain models are also called conceptual object model as it is a visualization of the concepts or mental models of a real-world domain Assign Object Responsibilities and Draw Interaction Diagrams  Sequence diagram is a common notation to illustrate collaborations between software objects o It shows the flow of messages between software objects o Example of sequence diagram in Figure 1.4 Define Design Class Diagrams  Design class diagram illustrates the attributes & methods of the classes o It shows a static view of the class definitions in addition to the dynamic view of collaborating objects shown in interaction diagrams (sequence diagram) o Example i
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