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Information Technology Management
ITM 430
Aziz Guergachi

CHAPTER 1 – Object-oriented analysis and design 1.1 Applying UML and Patterns in OOA/D - The UML is a standard diagramming notation o The UML is not OOA/D or a method, it is simply notation. - OOA/D (and all software design) is strongly related to the prerequisite activity of requirements analysis, which includes writing use cases. - Requirements analysis and OOA/D needs to be presented in the context of some development process. In this case, the well-known Unified Process is used as the sample iterative development process within which these topics are introduced. 1.2 Assigning Responsibilities - A critical, fundamental ability in OOA/D is to skillfully assign responsibilities to software components. o it is one activity that must be performed—either while drawing a UML diagram or programming—and it strongly influences the robustness, maintainability, and reusability of software components. 1.3 What Is Analysis and Design? - Analysis: emphasizes an investigation of the problem and requirements, rather than a solution. o It is broad term - Design: emphasizes a conceptual solution that fulfills the requirements, rather than the implementation o the term is best qualified, as in object design or database design. - Analysis and design have been summarized in the phase do the right thing o (analysis), and do the thing right (design). 1.4 What Is Object-Oriented Analysis and Design? - During object-oriented analysis, there is an emphasis on finding and describing the objects—or concepts—in the problem domain. o Ex. Library information system : Book, Library, Patron - During object-oriented des
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