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Chapter 1

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 505
Bharat Shah

Chapter 1Managers Key to Information Technology ResultsBelarusbank JSSBThe banks operations are very inefficient and overly complexIn order for the bank to be global it needed a single system They invested in a 20 million dollar project to replace many systems deployed over decades by various banking unitsoIt improved the efficiency of all the banks business processes and provide aquicker time of market for new products and product enhancementsoThere was a 10 reduction in employee numbers of accountants and IT workers savings in computer software hardware and maintenanceWHY MANAGER MUST UNDERSTAND ITNew IT business opportunities as well as threats are coming at a faster and faster rateManager play a key role they must frame these opportunities and threats so others can understand them and then evaluate and prioritize problems and solutionsManagers must lead the effort to pursue IT policies that must best organizational needsoEven if an organizations has the same IT system as other companies they will not have identical solutionsManager must work with IT Specialists about the scope of the IT solution what data to capture how databases and applications should be tailored what information will flow from the systems and to whom and most importantly how people will use the data to make a differenceReal gains in productivity requires innovation and then automating Managers are the key to ensuring the IT innovation pay off they must lead a holistic approach that includes encouraging the acceptance of change addressing changes in business processes and organizational structure addressing new employee roles and expectations and establishing new measurement and reward systemsCompanies must deliver increasing value to customers WHAT IS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYInformation Technology IT includes all tools that capture store process exchange and use informationoIt includes hardware servers mainframeslaptops computers PDAs andsoftware OS and applicationsIT Infrastructurean organization defined set of IT hardware software and networkIT Support organization an organization that requires staff of people to plan implement operate and support IToAn organizations IT infrastructure must be integrated with employees and procedures to build operate and support information systemsIT enables the organization to meet objectives increase revenueoIt is useful to divide information systems into three typesFunction IT Network ITEnterprise ITFunction ITIt includes information systems that improve the productivity of individual users in performing standalone taskoExamples computeraided design word processors Speadsheets elearning software
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