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Chapter 7

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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 505
Bharat Shah

CHAPTER 7EBUSINESSWHY MANAFGER MUST UNDERSTAND EBUSINESSEbusiness the transformation of key business processes through the use of Internet technologiesoIt enables organizations and individuals to build new revenue streams to create and enhance relationships with customers and business partners and to improve operating efficiencies oConversion to an ecommerce business model is essential to the survival of some organizationsBusiness managers must understand their customers and the fundamentals of the markets in which they operateThey must then run their businesses on the basis of those fundamentalsoIf they are going to incorporate ebusiness into their business business manager need a clear understanding of how the Internet differs from the traditional venues for business activity and they must employ business models appropriate to the InternetBusiness to Business B2B EbusinessB2B is the exchange of goods and services between via computer networksoRevenue generated in B2B greatly exceed B2Cby a factor of more than 6 to 1Private StoresoAccess to the private store requires that the buyer enter the company identification code and password to make a purchase from a selection of products at prenegotiated prices typically based on an established annual minimum purchase quantityCustomer PortaloThese are private stores that offer additional customer services beyond simply placing an orderAllows the customers to use the customer portal to search of parts place orders check order status inquire about the lead times for itemsPrivate Company MarketplacesoA high percentage of B2B transactions take place between companies that supply parts and components and the companies that sell the final productoOften large manufacturers that purchase goods and services from small organizations suppliers build a private company marketplace to manage their purchasing functions through a WebsiteSuppliers can bid on providing products and the manufacturer can selects the winning supplieroEprocurement software allows a company to create an electronic catalog with search capabilityCan also automate key functions of the purchasing process including creating reviewing and approving purchase orders electronically to the supplierCan also negotiate prices for the purchase of goods and services Industry ConsortiaSponsored MarketplacesoIn many cases companies are not large enough or do not have sufficient purchasing power to require suppliers to deal with them through a private company marketplace In such a situation consortiasponsored marketplace to
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