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Chapter 11

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Information Technology Management
ITM 505
Bharat Shah

Chapter 11Enterprise ArchitectureWHAT IS ENTERPRISE ARCHTECTUREEnterprise architecture is a set of models that describes the technical implementation of organizations business strategy and business processThe tenet form ever follows function describes the relationship between an organization form and the customers need for functionalityThe organization business processes must be able to provide the desired functionality Why is Enterprise Architecture ImportantEA provides the overall foundation for achieving an organizations strategic visionEA enables the organization to facilitatethe delivery of new products and services to be the catalyst for change to be more agile ad to provide meaningful value proposition from their strategic initiatives all at the lowest possible total cost of ownershipIf there is an ineffective enterprise architecture it can jeopardize the success of an organizationThe enterprise architecture enables managers to do the followingoIncrease employees effectiveness by enabling high order thinkingEmployees must be able to transition from daily tasks and to think critically about new ideasor ways of doing thing differently A major type of highorder thinking is the ability to innovateRadical Innovation disruptive technology create such dramatic changes that it transform existing industries or creates new ones oIt creates new set of performance features improves performance by a factor of five or more or reduces cost by 30 percent or moreIncremental improvement sustain technology a process of implementing continual small enhancements to a process resulting in slow but steady improvementIf an organization stays too close to customers bringing out only products and changes requested by the customer the result may be less emphasis on more viable disruptive technologies
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