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Ryerson University
Information Technology Management
ITM 600
Khalil Arbousa

Chapter 5: Designing a Network Topology Pg. 119  Topology is a map of an internetwork that indicates network segments, interconnections points and user communities.  Map is a high level blue print of the network, analogous to an architectural drawing that shows the location and size of rooms for a building, but not the construction material for fabricating the rooms.  Designing a network topology first step of the logical design phase of the top-down network design methodology.  During topology design phase you identify: networks and interconnection points, size and scope of networks and the types of internetworking devices that will be required, but not the actual devices.  Hierarchical network design, which is technique for designing scalable campus and WAN network using a layered and modular model. Pg. 120 Hierarchical Network Design  To meet corporate and technical goals you might need to suggest a topology that consists of many interrelated components.  Hierarchal network design model is developed in discrete layers. Each layer is focused on a specific function. Which helps you choose the right system and features for the layer?  Typical hierarchal topology is: Core layer, distribution and access layer.  Core layer: high end routers and switches that are optimized for availability and performance  Distribution layer: of routers and switches that implement policies. In small and medium sized companies the core and distribution layers can be combined.  Access Layer: connects users via lower end user switches and wireless access points. Pg. 121 Why use a Hierarchical Network Design Model?  Un planned networks are called Fur Ball networks  When network devices communicate with many other devices, the workload required of the CPU on the devices can be burdensome. A disadvan
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