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Information Technology Management
ITM 600
Robert Hudyma

Chapter 3Characterizing the Existing InternetworkCharacterizing the Network InfrastructureCharacterizing the infrastructure of a network means developinga set of network maps and learning the location of major internetworking devices and network segmentsoIncludes documenting the names and address of major devices and segments and identifying any standard methods for addressing and naming length of physical cabling and investigating architectural and environment constraintsDeveloping a Network MapLearning the location of major hosts interconnections devices and network segments is a good way to start developing an understanding of traffic flowoYour goal is to obtain a map of the existing network so that it is easy to create the new networkCharacterizing Large InternetworksDeveloping a single network map might not be possible for large internetworksoAnother approach is to apply a topdown methodoStart with geographical information WANcity to cityLANbuilding to building connectionsoNetwork Address Translation NAT devices Intrusion detection systems IDS and Intrusion Prevention System IPSComplex networks is to use a topdown approach that is influenced by the OSI reference modelFirst develop a logical map that shows applications and services used by network users and after develop a map that shows network servicesoTerminal Access Controller Access Control System TACACSoRemote Authentication DialIn User Service RADIUS serversoDynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHCPoDomain Name System DNSoSimple Network Management Protocol SNMP and other managementA map or set of maps that show detailed information about data link layer and devices is often extremely helpfuloIt reveals devices and interfaces connected to public or private WANsoA data link later maps includesAn indication of the data link layer technology for WANs and LANs Frame Relay PointtoPoint Protocol PPP VPN 100Mbps or 1000Mbps Ethernet and so onThe name of the service provider for WANsWAN circuit IDsThe location and highlevel configuration information for LAN switches for example the location of the desired root bridge if the Spanning Tree Protocol STP is usedThe location and reach of any VLANs and VLAN Trunking Protocol VTP configurationsThe location and highlevel configuration of trunks between LAN switchesThe location and highlevel configuration of any Layer 2 firewallsCharacterizing the Logical ArchitectureThe logical topology illustrates the architecture of the network which can be hierarchicallayer 3 or flatlayer 2 structured or unstructured layered or not and other possibilitiesoThey describe methods for connecting devices in a geometric shapeoticked time bombExample A customer has fully redundant network equipment and cabling but the servers are all single homed attach to a single switchThis is a ticking time bomb that can be fixed with a redesignThe logical topology can affect your ability to upgrade a network a flat topology does not scale as well as a hierarchical topologyoA hierarchical topology would include core later of highend routers switches distributed layer of routers and switches and an access layer to connects users via hubs switches and other devicesThis following is a highlevel network diagram and it is a physical topologyDeveloping a Modular Block DiagramIt is also helpful to develop a simplifiedblock diagram of the network of part of the networkoIt shows the major functions of the network in a modular fashionCharacterizing Network Addressing and NamingCharacterizing the logical infrastructure of a network involves documenting any strategies your customer has for network addressing and namingDocument the naming conventions YYZToronto etc and abbreviationsSan FranciscoSFO OaklandOAKInvestigate the network layer addresses usedoWhen drawing detailed network maps include the names of major sites routers network segments and servers
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