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Chapter 7

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ITM 700
Jim Tam

Chapter 7Managing IT Service Delivery 1 What is incremental outsourcing and what are its benefits Incremental Outsourcingoutsourcing some parts of IT and not all at onceBenefits o Managing the shortage of specialized IT workersby reducing the need for internal staff a firm must hire o Reducing time to marketnetwork based service delivery models help companies developquickly Ex Externally hosted retailing packages to sell over the web without having to purchase equip and develop the SW o Shift is 247 o Favourable cash flow profilesfirms pay a monthly fee see p 289 for purchase v subscribe cash flows o Cost reduction in IT service chainseverything on servers upgrades done centrally rather than going to each individual computer o Making applications globally accessible OvertheNet delivery model 2 Which issues does middleware addressProvisioningaccess to new services automaticallyResource virtualizationon serversChange managementcentralized changes to infrastructure to reduce the cost of making changes and to exert additional levels of control over critical processes for high availability Performance monitoring and analytics 3 Ho
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