ITM 102 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Business Process Management, Management Information System, Enterprise System

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Value chain: value chain: connected series of activities, each of which adds value or supports the addition of value to firm"s goods or services. Four critical support activities: i. ii. iii. iv. Human resource (hr) management use to gain competitive advantage. Useful tool for defining organization"s processes, activities, and competencies that it can. Information systems that support business activities department to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Functional information systems (fis) focus on activities of functional. Includes accounting, marketing, human resources, financial, and manufacturing information system. Workflow management systems (wms) supports activities that several departments of organization may carry out; also referred to as business process management (bpm) Workflow: represents steps, organizational resources, input and output data, and tools needed to complete business process. Includes tools and features that allow users to work with and manage processes and the system itself www. notesolution. com. Less misplaced or stalled work, which improves efficiency and quality.