ITM 102 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Database, Tacit Knowledge, Knowledge Worker

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Knowledge: need data and information when we want it, data in different forms (i. e. number, text, video, audio) and organized in different ways (i. e. tables, reports, and graphs) The data-information-knowledge continuum: data: raw unorganized facts, numbers, pictures, and so on, knowledge: created when a person combines experience and judgement with. L ifelong knowledge creation: two types of knowledge are complementary halves of lifelong knowledge, explicit knowledge: knowledge that is readily codified (i. e. knowledge in textbook, tacit knowledge: knowledge gain through experience, insight, and discovery. Knowledge work activities: knowledge work involves the discovery, analysis, transformation, synthesis, and communication of data, information and knowledge. Analysis: i nvest igating and exam i n ing t he available. Transformat ion: organ iz ing d iscovery results: t ransformation: knowledge work that requires you to use the results of your analysis to deepen your understanding of data and information.