ITM 102 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Information Overload, Information System, Business Process

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Information system (is): is an organization collection of people, information, business processes, and information technology (it), designed to transform inputs into outputs, in order to achieve a goal. It is simply a collection of tools hardware, software, and connectivity that enable individuals or businesses to achieve a goal. It is irrelevant without the context of a clear goal, processes, and people. Productivity zone occurs that the intersection of people, processes, and technology; a successful is system integrates all three of these components to create business value communication, information, and commerce. I nternet: become a integral part of personal and business lives for: com mun ication generates business value by making it possible for professionals to share information both between themselves and with business partners. Internet allows communication through newsgroups, chat rooms, bulletin boards, text messaging using mobile phones, email and instant messaging.