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Chapter 1

ITM 102 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Informa, 18 Months, Garding

Information Technology Management
Course Code
ITM 102
Ross Mc Naughton

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Chapter 1 - IT For Business and Business Professionals
Why IS Matters
-In 2004, RIM exceeded two million active BlackBerry users
-By April 2009, RIM reported having 25 million users
-By 2012, there will be over 60 million users
-Facebook launched in 2004, Twitter in 2006
-Radio and Television took decades to evolve, Internet took less than a decade
-Organizations and individuals must keep up with these rapid technology changes or
risk becoming obsolete.
-Information technology (IT) is a key enabler to all organizations and impacts all busi-
ness disciplines.
-Knowledge work involves the discovery, analysis, transformation, synthesis, and com-
munication of data, information, and knowledge. Impossible without technology.
Moore’s Law
-In 1965, Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of Intel, observed a significant trend in the ad-
vancement of technology that...
-Computing power (as measured by the maximum number of transistors in an integrat-
ed circuit) roughly doubles every 18 months.
-Connected the notion of underlying changes in the pace of technology with consumer
access to lower cost and higher performance computing over time.
-Helped create a new technology revolution, leading to the introduction of the personal
-Thus the industry became hyper-competitive and one of the most productive and inno-
vative industries in the world.
What is an Information System?
-Information System (IS) is and organized collection of people, information, business
processes, and information technology (IT), designed to transform inputs into outputs, i
order to achieve a goal.
-Enhance work, decision making, problem solving, communicating, and coordinating.
The Productivity Zone
-The intersection of people, process, and technology.
-Businesses achieve superior productivity and enhance their competitive advantage.
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