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Chapter 5

ITM 350 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Public Key Infrastructure, Captcha, Public-Key Cryptography

Information Technology Management
Course Code
ITM 350
Franklyn Prescod

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Chapter 5 Security
- securing information from thefts
-privacy issues
-intellectual property
-risk management
-do risk assessment
-vulnerable, if its huge ---> problem
-use security tools
-face risks of error, fraud, malicious acts or disaster
-what is the impact on busines?
have to do risk management
risk is the probability of an event occuring that leads to undesirable consequences
-error refers to an unintention
-fraud refers to an ---> white collar
-Malicious acts on harware and software, DOS, virus
-disasters are acts of nature such as floods, tornados, storms, etc that can lead to destruction of assets
and disruption of business activities
-key risks faced by ebusiness
new services
-internal risks include lack of standards, regulations and rules and support systems.
External risks include natural hazards, legal issues and environmental issues
new business models- instaneous
-revenue leakage, poor image and inability to foster trust and confidence on the part of
business partners
-new processs
-new technology - Twitter security breach
-new fulfillment processes
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